Master Builders Hotel, Beaulieu

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The Riverview Restaurant at Master Builders Hotel, found where the Coast meets the New Forest is a great example of our Full Service - Interior Design, and supply/delivery of all Furniture, Accessories, Lighting, Artwork and Soft Furnishings. Although we often supply furniture only, we also offer the service to put together an interior design, unique to our Clients requirements working in tandem with all the products in mind as well as budget, lead times, style and practicality to deliver a successful project.

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Our brief was classical yet relaxed dining, suiting Hotel guests, as well as wedding parties and corporate events, in keeping with the nautical history of the hotel embracing the natural environment. The design had to be individual to this Unique Hotel and setting to really stand out from the competition as well as be versatile.

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Furniture was practical, and suited to budget and lead times, with a few key pieces added to really bring the Restaurant to life, including these solid Oak and mild steel Chests seen above, custom made for the project.

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Artwork was heavily influenced by the area, using locally sourced flora and fauna as well as framing antique drawings of ships built at the Master Builders Hotel historically for the Battle of Trafalgar. We completed the look with a timeless feel using glass in accessories, lanterns, hanging planters and pendant lights.

EAT, Chichester

EAT has been one of our favourite custom projects so far! We began the process by meeting with the Client to look in depth at the technical drawings, after discussing these with our Upholsterers looking at the construction of the custom units and the process of how they would be made as well as carefully pricing up the job taking into account the majority of the items were in real leather, we proceeded with the manufacturing process in the specified finishes agreed upon by all parties involved. 

During the manufacturing process photos were sent to the Client throughout to ensure communication and clarity were paramount. This is particularly important with custom projects, but we always keep direct contact with the factories we use to ensure everything is being manufactured to the exact requirements of our standards.

A really exciting part was we managed to deliver everything within the tight deadline of around 2-3 weeks, which for custom upholstered items and soft furnishings in real leather was astounding!

Farmer J, London

Our projects are fairly varied, we work on Cafes, Bedrooms, Lounge Areas, Reception Areas, Outdoor Areas and Restaurants of all sorts of designs and budgets, including on trend healthy fast food chains such as Farmer J. Our first project with Farmer J launched in 2016 the pilot of the brand and has achieved great success since its install. 


We were asked to source industrial furniture with a mid century modern edge and, as is often the case with high street Restaurants - at a reasonable price. We came up with various models and supplied samples to the client for approval by the Restaurant Owner and Interior Designer before finishes were chosen in keeping with the scheme, as is standard practice for us we sent out samples of these to best allow the decision makers to visualise the look, in situ and alongside the other materials used in the design. 

This client had a particularly tight deadline, and happily we were the quickest supplier to the project, manufacturing our items in their chosen finishes to order and carefully delivering them all within 4 weeks. 

Project Focus - Old Bank Hotel

The project was well thought out and there was much development over the months in which we presented several sample furniture options for approval and feedback from both the Owner, as well as Sally herself. We really love working with independent hotels, restaurants and groups so this was a perfect project for us to work on - allowing us to utilise our very personal service and highest quality manufacturing as well as being able to supply highly individual models.

This hotel has a strong sense of contemporary class and is well known in its setting of Oxford, it was a fantastic project for us to supply to especially at a time when the business was so young. Following the approval of samples we had available, custom samples were made in the chosen fabrics and finishes to allow for the vision of the scheme to be clearly viewed. 

Following the manufacturing of the items these were delivered safe and sound to our client at a convenient time and date for them.

 One of the items we supplied to this project was the Fai Side Chair, take a look at this model here >>>>>> 

The show wood frame is emphasised by a distinctive yet subtle piping across every upholstered edge. Timber frame is available in Oak, Ash or Beech stained in one of our standard stains, lacquers or to match a sample for a piece of furniture which is quite literally one of a kind. 

Of course, as with all our upholstered items you can have Fai in any fabric, faux leather, or real leather you like and we are happy to advise on any of the above if required. 

Sustainability at Jarrett Furniture


As a small Company we are able to keep in touch with our values, one of these being Sustainability and the Ethics behind what we do. 

These issues can be unclear when looking at our main services - supplying new items(in essence). But hopefully this post will shed some light on our efforts in this area. 

A strong feeling behind our brand is our ethically manufactured products. We ensure the woods we use are only grown within Europe, never sourcing items which have had anything to do with a negative impact on Nature or Wildlife. We are very well connected with our factories all based in the pink areas on the map below, this means we oversee the manufacturing process for our small or large orders keeping the best level of quality and avoiding unsustainable or irresponsible manufacturing. 

We have had scenarios in the past where we could have chosen a route where we make more profit by using rainforest woods or Chinese factories for example(we don't agree with long distance shipping of furniture or ominous component sourcing) but we will always choose the more sustainable route as this is more important to us. Typing this it seems very uncompany-ish but we are very honest and think we should offer our Clients maximum clarity.


Although we are more than happy to manufacture furniture and soft furnishings in any fabric our clients require, we do encourage our clients to choose British wool fabrics, supporting a small and completely sustainable national industry. Our other fabrics are all manufactured in Italian mills and our leathers are certified by-products of the meat industry.

Last but not least our delivery - we reuse packaging wherever we can, keeping cardboard and other materials(even if they may look a little 'reused') for future shipments allowing for ultra safe and secure furniture with minimal waste(although all our waste is recycled where possible) we also offer a recycling service to clients when they finish with the packaging that arrives with their goods. As we have access to all vehicle sizes, we select the smallest possible size for that shipment combining trips where possible. 

I believe my Company remains successful by always being willing to evolve and better itself in all areas including sustainability, and so we will continue to strive for this. Thank you. 

Bentwood Furniture Trend - August 2016

Originating from the 19th Century, bentwood furniture was originally designed by famous furniture Designer Michael Thonet and began in many forms, but the most popular and eternally used up until this day is the No.14 chair(shown in Cafe Rouge above on the left of the left image) which is typically found now in many pubs and restaurants across the country finished in multiple paints and stains.

Bentwood furniture is now experiencing a kind of revival with chairs frames being designed with the contemporary Setting in mind, making the current range of bentwood pieces up to date and perfectly suited to many different environments, on of our most popular is the Zoe shown above, which has a slightly Scandinavian feel to it - another popular trend which has been around for a few years now. 

We think bentwood furniture is a a great trend to tap into as its so versatile - it suits almost any setting and adds a real sense of character to a Restaurant, Reception Area, Cafe or Bedroom without being overbearing. As with all our products our Bentwood products are able to be finished in several different stains and painted finishes, as well as the seat in any fabric or leather required, as well as the occasional option of woven Cane which adds another texture and shade to an interior. 

Considerations When Choosing Contract Furniture Part Two

Budget is an important factor when considering what furniture you would like, a tight budget will most likely restrict the type of style you can have as complicated designs which can be more attractive usually take a lot more time to manufacture. It's great to be clear about this when you are working with us from the beginning if possible so that all of the options offered are relevant and we don't waste your time showing you items which are out of budget. We are able to cater to most budgets as we have for example some simple cafe side chairs for between £50.00 - £100.00 while also being able to offer the highest quality detailed custom items. Having said that even our more 'budget' items have bespoke qualities in that you can choose the wood stain and fabric/leather/faux leather so each piece is perfectly suited to your setting, we believe each project is unique and so should it's furniture be.

If you have some antique or vintage items that suit your project it is a great idea to give them a new lease of life by allowing us to reupholster them for you, or even re-finish with a new wood stain, paint colour or texture. Reupholstery is also an economical option and stops the old furniture from being wasted. We also regularly manufacture bespoke furniture to drawings such as banquettes, loose furniture and table tops.

Soft furnishings + accessories are often an after thought when clients are in the midst of planning a new interior but they are a valid part of the design as well, often bringing a scheme together. Organising these at the same time as choosing furniture means everything will be delivered in good time and be chosen with the entire design in mind. We are able to manufacture soft furnishings such as window treatments and scatter cushions to suit your dimensions, if you have a low budget a decorative scatter cushion can really add interest and would of course be in any fabric you decide on from our own or your chosen range. Accessories are another inexpensive way to ensure a project has a completely 'finished' look.