Alston Bar & Beef, Glasgow

This restaurant with a clean crisp feel mixed with the curved ceilings and decorative murals has a surprisingly cosy feel. The walls are fresh and white and the scheme is punctuated with black seating, tables bases and floor tiles as well as the industrial staircase. 

Simple round barstools are emphasised by led lighting emanating from beneath the sophisticated marble bar top. Seating is offered in the form of leather clad black armchairs with tufted banquette seating in marine blue, as well as show wood dining side chairs - simple while reflecting the scheme. 

To prevent the interior from being to cold and industrial cut glass ceiling light shades and elaborate traditional thistles and magpies decorate the wall descending the staircase as the guests enter the restaurant.  

We have updated a few of our collections, swapping a few styles for more price conscious and style relevant versatile pieces, we will be adding them to the site in the next few days!