Marble Extravagance

Marble is our next trend and after coming across the restaurant interior of the Parisian Monsieur Bleu at the Hotel Du Palais felt the need to blog about it. The space is lovely as it is so large but the interior design totally makes the most of it without seeming too over the top. Another selection of furniture upholstered in greens, it seems blues greens and teals are the most popular colours at the moment - see last blog post on indigo below as well as the everlasting appeal of velvet.  So the focus of this post was to be the marble involved in the interior - beautifully used in simple monochrome colours prevent it from coming across as too overbearing and highlighting the walls and floor perfectly, using veining to complement one another(black with white veining, white with black). All finished off with contemporary warm geometrical blocks of lighting descending from the ceiling with matching wall shades, all within view of the Eiffel Tower!