Homely Lived in Interior Style

This week we are looking at another trend in hotel and restaurant design which is very popular and has been for a few years now - relaxed informal style characterised with traditional upholstered furniture, wool checks and tartans, warm cosy feeling accessories in cushions, rugs and nostalgic picture frames and books on english traditions.


A prime example of this is The Pig hotel and restaurant mini chain consisting of four locations across the South and South West of England. These images are taken from the slightly lesser known Pig in the Wall in Southampton. By using finishes with a reclaimed looks and weathered leathers to upholster large comfy armchairs and mismatched furniture as well as filling shelves with small objects(quite unusual in a hotel interior), the feeling given to the guests is one of being at home and relaxed while enjoying their stay. Food is paramount and often the lure for guests visiting The Pigs emphasising a use of local produce and decorating the interiors with fresh herbs showing the strong connection between gastronomy and the overall atmosphere of the place. 

Bedrooms and Bathrooms are decorated in more muted tones filled with warm lighting and unusual objects and details such as floral highly detailed fabrics and decorative floor and wall tiles and painted bricks. Furniture is a combination of quality upholstered pieces and antiques completing the at - home feel.