Horticultural Oasis at Blakes Hotel, Kensington

To celebrate the Chelsea Flower Show I am featuring this floral oasis of cocktails and bohemian decadence at Blakes in Kensington. Running till 14th of July this is a great idea and an example of a commercial property showcasing local talent in an exciting way to create a buzz with locals and tourists alike. I think this could be a very useful idea for smaller hotels in local towns throughout the UK to gain some publicity as well as guests who will be intrigued by visiting an interesting unusual event and furthermore will associate themselves with the establishment they may have not visited before so also gaining more long term interest for the hotel. Events are also particularly relevant if they are connected to a house hold name event or occasion such as the lovely Chelsea Flower Show for this oasis.

The setting revolves around the orangery with cushions scattered in florals and other bright patterns and strings of fresh flowers in reds, whites, blues, purples and oranges showing that range of colour can be used successfully particularly if they are the same shade. Flowers continue to punctuate the other lounging areas in vases and caskets giving our favourite feel of the moment, home. Furniture is a combination of wicker antiques, brightly painted wooden side chairs and cast iron benches and tables while bright fabrics continue the decorative tropical theme. 

To make the most of the space large armchairs and birdcages have been used as see through screens allowing the user to feel intimate and enclosed as well as open in a large area, also giving you the enjoyment of the entire exterior design along with all of its elaborate decoration without affecting other guests personal experiences.