The New British Service Station

What an exciting new idea that so many people can enjoy - to break the monotony of long journeys across the UK, the government plans to upgrade around 100 service stations thanks to a design panel formed of ministers as well as the great input of the owners of the service stations themselves which are usually families local to the area. The priorities are that the stations should provide more air and natural light with a larger focus on the development of green outside areas for family, children and dogs to enjoy.   

The Gloucester Services on the M5 Northbound is a fantastic example of this which from the outside is a modern ecological piece of architecture featuring gigantic duck pond and dog walking area as well as outdoor dining complete with electrical pumps as well as the obvious conventional options. The principal of these services is to stay true and solid to the local environment encouraging the customers to buy from the butchers selling locally grown vegetables, lamb and pork as well as healthy and organic options of takeaway for customers in more of a rush. The interior is vast with high ceilings and the luxury of plenty of space around counters and dining tables for busier occasions. The lighting connects with the furniture and beams punctuating the areas all finished in light rustic wood. Other finishes are modern black dining chairs, spotlights and pizza ovens as well as simple white counters and table tops.