Came across this lovely exciting and fresh cafe and bakery based in Porto Alegre in Brazil. This is a truly contemporary interior design but with a few more rustic elements to offer a great relaxed atmosphere. The most obvious feature of Padarie is the colourful facade covering the first floor of the cafe(which is used for office space and is not open to the public) constructed in wheat spike painted metal shapes which is reminiscent of the wheat that is the main ingredient used in one of Padaries main products - bread. These are in orange, mint, white brown and yellow and allow for great eye catching attraction for passers by as well as the colours connecting throughout the rest of the interior and exterior. 

Inside, the other material often used is raw wood which has that industrial feel which is still so popular this is shown on the communal bench seating running across the side of the cafe as well as on the attractive parquet flooring which blends into concrete at the back. Furniture is a mixture of rustic side chairs finished in white connecting with the painted brick walls and ceiling as well as wooden stools with jutted feet which also use the Padarie colours from the facade outside and add a bit of playfulness to the scheme. 

Art and photography are used in a relaxed fashion, leaning on the back of the bench which spans the length of the interior and the cafe cashier area is simple but effective with understated blackboards and glass showing off the products on sale framed by the favourite material raw wood.