The Burberrry Cafe also known as 'Thomas's' has recently opened on Regent Street in London, and believe it to be a great addition to the capital. When I came across the interior I was surprised and delighted by the look of it, not seemingly overly cliché with branding everywhere but done very tastefully in a way that could be as well suited to any small town in england with elegant and sophisticated colours and styles as well as simplicity. 

The colour palette is a mixture of high contrast darks and whites, with furniture and cabinetry in dark wengé type staining, while the flooring is very classical geometrical diamonds in white and black giving the place an almost french feel while staying in keeping with the quintessential essence of Burberry Britishness. Furniture is made up of simple armchairs and barstools all in matching designs with linear qualities to them and upholstery in luxurious blue velvet linking with the gifts that are available from the cafe beautifully finished in gold paper and red, gold, green and royal blue ribbons. 

The lighting is understated, made up of spot lights and wall arm lights finishing off with some pendant lights hanging by a chain in the ceiling.