Cellarium Cafe & Terrace Westminster

We think this cafe is a good example of a current establishment set within ancient surroundings, Cellarium Cafe set within the 14th Century store house of Westminster Abbey is a great destination for both commuters and tourists alike. The setting gives a great atmosphere to the cafe something which can be hard to create in more modern locations. Huge arches frame the entire indoor part of the design highlighted with minimal chandeliers connecting the black of the dark metal with the slate floor which has an interesting textural contrast with the rough stain painted walls enhance by the pillar column lights at each archway. 

Westminster Abbey cellarium 5_display.jpeg

The furniture is timeless in simple geometrical designs finished in pale wood to flatter and not take away from the scenery. Benches are bare in keeping with the slightly sacred feel and side chairs have upholstery in dark grey to connect again with the glossy polished slate floor. 

The outside area has a slightly more contemporary feel with simple plastic chairs with chrome legs and a mixture of round and square tables, glass and wood have been used aesthetically as well as for practical reasons for when the weather is less hospitable completed with the view of the Abbey around the customer.