SLA, AMSTERDAM - Natural cafe with simple chairs and decorative plants

SLA in Amsterdam is a wonderful cafe with a garden and outdoors feel, combined with the emphasis on salads and healthy eating that is offered and fantastic contemporary branding bringing the whole cafe together.

As the customer enters the cafe they are greeted with a fantastically spacious area filled with white and natural light and dotted with hanging plants trailing down the walls giving an almost jungle feel. The salad bar is framed effectively by the bare bones of a black orangery type building which adds to the outdoor emphasis and uses the entirety of the great ceiling height. The furniture is simple and understated with black framed bar stools adding to our favourite monochrome look of the moment and lots of wood in folding side chairs adding harmoniously to the natural quality of SLA.

Further towards to the back of the cafe the ceiling height is continued to be made use of with the characteristic hanging wall plants descending from above with their delicate golden taps. Tables are in keeping with the favourite material - wood, and are held by black frames which keep the interior simple and timeless.