Really beautiful slightly vintage coastal feel hotel with the most exciting area being the restaurant as shown here, really harmonious colours and raw finishes give me the feeling this would be a really relaxed place to dine in. 

The styles are quite uniform in the way they aren't so varied as is pretty common currently which is really refreshing and seamless. Its also more likely to last longer as it isn't a trend. The fixed seating is finished in strong curved shapes with beige plinths and camel colour leather, complete with subtle details of white leather piping to give a touch of class, remember anything you may need a little differently with out furniture we are usually able to do - different colour finishes or fabrics and leathers, mixing materials, changing the shape and size of furniture, the list goes on, just ask. 

We LOVE the simplicity of this design, the last obvious feature is the raw wood armchairs complete with rattan seats and curved wooden 'arms'. We are revamping a couple of our collections with even more variety of style at the moment and will be featuring them in our next post, but for now take a look at out Cadoc Due Side chair for a little relevant inspiration: