Considerations When Choosing Contract Furniture Part One

When Selecting furniture for your project there are many things to consider, first people often think about how they want their furniture to look. With a new setting you have more flexibility to be able to let the paint, lighting, artwork, flooring and fixtures connect and flatter your new additions, however you are a little more restricted if you are simply replacing the furniture as the new pieces need to fit in well with the current environment so models should be chosen which are harmonious with this in their style. Often researching projects which are similar to yours or which you are striving to be more like are very helpful when choosing styles and can give you some sometimes much needed inspiration.

Another aspect to consider is the lead time, if you are restricted with your lead time(your project is launching in 3 weeks for example) this restricts the options we can offer you greatly, as the majority of our furniture is made to order usually with a lead time of 4-6 weeks. We do often source items to meet tighter dead lines and also squeeze our manufacturing in as quickly as we can. But if you are thinking about investing in some new furniture, lighting, bespoke items or soft furnishings it is important to enquire sooner rather than later to allow yourself maximum choice!

Traffic is a very important element of any commercial interior design, all of our products are manufactured for contract use which means they pass the strict fire regulations as well being built to last heavy traffic such as that found in a busy restaurant or café. Upholstery material is also very much connected with the idea of traffic and style as certain upholstery materials such as faux leather are great for very high traffic, but a velvet would be better suited to being used in a quieter area or just upholstering the back of an armchair for example which will not be touched much but can still be enjoyed to look at. We have many fabric, leather or faux leather options and happily work with clients chosen suppliers as well to remain completely unrestricted. Still in the realms of traffic, table top finishes and shapes should be considered for maximum flexibility of layout and suitable durability for their environment.