Bentwood Furniture Trend - August 2016

Originating from the 19th Century, bentwood furniture was originally designed by famous furniture Designer Michael Thonet and began in many forms, but the most popular and eternally used up until this day is the No.14 chair(shown in Cafe Rouge above on the left of the left image) which is typically found now in many pubs and restaurants across the country finished in multiple paints and stains.

Bentwood furniture is now experiencing a kind of revival with chairs frames being designed with the contemporary Setting in mind, making the current range of bentwood pieces up to date and perfectly suited to many different environments, on of our most popular is the Zoe shown above, which has a slightly Scandinavian feel to it - another popular trend which has been around for a few years now. 

We think bentwood furniture is a a great trend to tap into as its so versatile - it suits almost any setting and adds a real sense of character to a Restaurant, Reception Area, Cafe or Bedroom without being overbearing. As with all our products our Bentwood products are able to be finished in several different stains and painted finishes, as well as the seat in any fabric or leather required, as well as the occasional option of woven Cane which adds another texture and shade to an interior.