Sustainability at Jarrett Furniture


As a small Company we are able to keep in touch with our values, one of these being Sustainability and the Ethics behind what we do. 

These issues can be unclear when looking at our main services - supplying new items(in essence). But hopefully this post will shed some light on our efforts in this area. 

A strong feeling behind our brand is our ethically manufactured products. We ensure the woods we use are only grown within Europe, never sourcing items which have had anything to do with a negative impact on Nature or Wildlife. We are very well connected with our factories all based in the pink areas on the map below, this means we oversee the manufacturing process for our small or large orders keeping the best level of quality and avoiding unsustainable or irresponsible manufacturing. 

We have had scenarios in the past where we could have chosen a route where we make more profit by using rainforest woods or Chinese factories for example(we don't agree with long distance shipping of furniture or ominous component sourcing) but we will always choose the more sustainable route as this is more important to us. Typing this it seems very uncompany-ish but we are very honest and think we should offer our Clients maximum clarity.


Although we are more than happy to manufacture furniture and soft furnishings in any fabric our clients require, we do encourage our clients to choose British wool fabrics, supporting a small and completely sustainable national industry. Our other fabrics are all manufactured in Italian mills and our leathers are certified by-products of the meat industry.

Last but not least our delivery - we reuse packaging wherever we can, keeping cardboard and other materials(even if they may look a little 'reused') for future shipments allowing for ultra safe and secure furniture with minimal waste(although all our waste is recycled where possible) we also offer a recycling service to clients when they finish with the packaging that arrives with their goods. As we have access to all vehicle sizes, we select the smallest possible size for that shipment combining trips where possible. 

I believe my Company remains successful by always being willing to evolve and better itself in all areas including sustainability, and so we will continue to strive for this. Thank you.