EAT, Chichester

EAT has been one of our favourite custom projects so far! We began the process by meeting with the Client to look in depth at the technical drawings, after discussing these with our Upholsterers looking at the construction of the custom units and the process of how they would be made as well as carefully pricing up the job taking into account the majority of the items were in real leather, we proceeded with the manufacturing process in the specified finishes agreed upon by all parties involved. 

During the manufacturing process photos were sent to the Client throughout to ensure communication and clarity were paramount. This is particularly important with custom projects, but we always keep direct contact with the factories we use to ensure everything is being manufactured to the exact requirements of our standards.

A really exciting part was we managed to deliver everything within the tight deadline of around 2-3 weeks, which for custom upholstered items and soft furnishings in real leather was astounding!